Information Management

Enterprises are subjected to constant technological changes. They must also deal with the explosion in data and exchanges of information, as well as the increasing number of channels. In this context, they are today reaching a paradoxical point : whilst information is indeed a key asset, a real differentiating factor and a major competitive advantage, this results in the Information System becoming unwieldy and unclear. It can even be an impediment to innovation and transformation.

Thanks to its longstanding DNA dedicated to mastering data, Keyrus helps its clients with their projects to structure and govern data, so as to provide them with the keys to the success of what is an ambitious gamble.

  • Provide controlled and relevant data
  • Measure, rationalize and strengthen the enterprise's architectures, as much in terms of processes and organization as of cost control
  • Construct transformation plans as an ongoing initiative
  • Valorize data by designing and constructing projects

Such a subject concerns as much the business function and the organization as it does the information systems. It is for this reason that Keyrus mobilizes all its skills and depth of expertise to support its clients in their transformation initiatives. 


  • Data Management Strategy

    The enterprise's information assets are dispersed in nature. To deal with this, it is necessary to put in place a framework and trajectory which will ensure that the enterprise's data is brought under control, and that uses are aligned with solutions. Keyrus aids its clients in deploying their data governance in terms of organization, processes and information systems.

    • Develop a model and structures for governance
    • Define the trajectory and implement the organization and architectures

  • Data Architectures

    Valorizing the data asset base of organizations requires a process to rationalize data and associated flows. This initiative leads to data organization being developed and disturbs the traditional vision of the Business Intelligence IS architecture.

    • Manage the urbanization of the Business Intelligence IS (hybrid datawarehouse, flows, hosting…) and assess the TCO
    • Optimize the performance of Business Intelligence ISs
    • Support transformation : social networks, Open Data, connected objects…

  • Real-time Exchanges

    The increasing speed with which information is consumed creates a need for "real-time". This need has had the effect of breaking the links between the transactional world and that of Business Intelligence. To address these issues, SOA architectures and ESB solutions, currently reserved for inter-application exchanges, must be extended to the Business Intelligence IS.

    • Provide advice on defining the architecture
    • Implement a strategy to open up the IS via suitable and innovative APIs
    • Deploy ESB solutions

  • Master Data Management

    Valorizing the information silos available to organizations requires changes in the management of reference data – on products, customers and suppliers. This involves highlighting and governing them within a single business repository, to enable the players to manage their organizations with greater efficiency. One essential contribution of this initiative is to enable reference data to be shared with all the enterprise's functions.

    • Advise on and apply the scoping of the MDM initiative
    • Deploy MDM solutions

  • Data Quality Management

    Providing reliable, objective and usable data is a major issue within all enterprises. Keyrus assists its clients in defining and implementing their data quality management (DQM) solutions, from technological choices through to governance and organization.

    • Advise on, scope and integrate quality management mechanics
    • Construct DQM projects, deploy solutions
    • Put in place the data quality governance strategy

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    Strategic framework associated with Product Lifecycle Management : Conducting of seminars dedicated to strategic analysis and positioning, market studies, analysis of competitor positioning, weighing up of Building Information Management markets and players, business Case and decision dossier for Senior Management.

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    MDM Opportunity Study in the context of a Finance / Supply Chain ERP re-design Perimeter and Concepts: Products, projects, suppliers, finance business repositories. Contributions : Support for the ERP initiative and urbanization of the IS. Identification of critical areas of data for the organization, assessment of semantics and the trajectory for subjecting data to monitoring.

  • Major media group

    Detailed analysis of the role and responsibility of the controlling department : organization, processes, information systems and its alignment with the strategic objectives. Analyze the activities from the perspective of the value chain with a focus on customers and develop a dashboard for the following areas: Commercial, Finance, HR, Internal Processes.