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Keyrus launches the Keyrus Innovation Factory start-up accelerator

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Forming a real bridge between leading European enterprises and high-potential start-ups, Keyrus Innovation Factory strengthens Keyrus's position as a major player in innovation.

An international player in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, Keyrus announces the launch of its accelerator, Keyrus Innovation Factory (KIF), a bridge between innovative start-ups and major European enterprises. The purpose of the Keyrus Innovation Factory is to close the gap between these two ecosystems, by helping start-ups to conquer new markets, and major groups to take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

Keyrus Innovation Factory offers a journey towards innovation, a swift and simplified access to a network of European and Israeli start-ups. The accelerator benefits from a dual physical presence, in France and in Israel, within the "Startup Nation"*. Depending on their needs and the challenges they face, KIF helps major enterprises search for innovative technologies and implement new solutions.

For start-ups, Keyrus Innovation Factory offers a 6-month program during which organized roadshows give them the opportunity to meet major groups and propose their offerings to them. During this period, KIF helps start-ups adapt their solutions and build their go-to-market strategy. The KIF teams are then present throughout the technological and business processes, from the pilot stage through to the successful implementation of the solutions in enterprises. Beyond simplifying this market access for start-ups via Keyrus's network of international clients, KIF also acts as a seed fund by making highly selective investments in start-ups that will enrich Keyrus's portfolio of innovative solutions.


Eric Cohen, President, CEO, and Founder of Keyrus, declares: "In launching the Keyrus Innovation Factory, our goal is to make the connection between, on the one hand, enterprises that often struggle to develop themselves innovations fully addressing the challenges they face, and on the other hand, start-ups that do not have the necessary contacts and means to market their offerings.
Through this accelerator, we will therefore help our clients gain in performance and launch offerings breaking new ground on their markets".


Each year from now on Keyrus Innovation Factory will offer two 6-month sessions each comprising 3 to 5 start-ups. The start-ups selected for the 1st 2016 session are:

  • Cabara, in the cybersecurity field,
  • Reactful, specialized in analyzing and reacting to digital behaviours,
  • Finnovest, a platform for managing and disseminating personalized investment recommendations.

Cyril Cohen-Solal, Director of the Keyrus Innovation Factory, adds: "We are particularly proud of this first class of start-ups. In their own way, each of them is innovating in sectors and businesses undergoing fundamental changes. We are convinced that innovation remains one of the major vectors making it possible to stand out from the competition and create value. The Keyrus Group now benefits from a new platform to instill innovation into its clients".

For further information, visit the site of the Keyrus Innovation Factory:http://www.keyrusinnovationfactory.com/


* "Israel, the start-up nation" book by Dan Senor & Saul Singeraux, éditions Maxima.

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