Keyrus was Qlik Partner of the Year for CSR in 2015 due to extensive work with charities and nonprofits.

Charities and nonprofits face a unique set of challenges from operating in remote areas where maps and internet connection aren’t readily available to sourcing continued streams of income and managing operations. 

Provide expertise in charity and nonprofit business lines

  • Optimization of the management back-office & management of organizations
  • Development of offerings and customer service platforms
  • Support corporate fundraising through enabling performance tracking of events and metrics to report back to corporate sponsors. 

Optimize the performance of information systems

  • Integration of systems for accounting, fundraising and CRM systems to provide visibility and performance reporting. (Intacct, Fund EZ, Salesforce….)
  • Expertise in developing systems to support operations in remote areas and mapping data for analysis on performance in remote communities and coverage. 

Assist with the digital transformation

  • Development of sales-aid tools so as to facilitate the launch of new offerings onto the market
  • Development of the front-office for quicker access to the market
  • Implementation of Big Data / Analytics solutions by using the sector's relevant data


  • International Beverages Distributor

    Deployment of a financial reporting and budgeting software solution: definition of a Roadmap to determine the scope of each phase of the project, definition of the technical and functional specifications, iterative work by modelling to check that the needs match the target populations, deployment of the application software, acceptance and training.

  • Major media group

    Design and creation of a multi-device interface dedicated to youth programs. The application, devised for mobiles, tablets, connected TV and of course the Web, proposes more than 150 episodes of cartoons. The interactivity has been designed both for parents and children, including gamification and social interaction thinking.

  • Major transport group

    Functional design, creation and development of the new Intranet intended for travel agents, in order to facilitate information searches thanks to a powerful engine, organize content with a clear and effective redefined tree structure and optimize site performance. Re-integration of existing content. Deployment of a system of usable statistics on user connections, this being a reference for incentives by sales agents.